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I'm an architect and designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. I've been working with design since he got my degree in architecture, a bit odd isnt it? I'm a fan of Fireworks, CSS among other skills. Besides that I'm co-founder of ZEE.

Like my friends Fabio and Paulo, I'm from Porto Alegre and love the web as well. Besides our work at ZEE, I spend my time blogging here on Abduzeedo and to our local blog in portuguese called Deduzeendo. I had the honor to be part of the Abduzeedo's project from ground zero, the very first version, and now on its third I see how much it has grown. I believe that the more we share our skills more we evolve and that's what makes me keep "abduzeendo" you.

Also, you can take a look on my personal site.

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