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365 Photography Project

365 Photography Project

Every year we have areas that we want to improve and develop. I always try to set some simple and achievable goals in terms of design and my profession. This year besides trying to improve my coding skills, especially Javascript, I decided to start a 365 project with some coworkers. Our goal is to take a picture a day for 1 year. It's been more than a week already and I've decided to share my progress just in case I can inspire you to join me as well. You can check out the daily photos at or

Amazing Jag Nagra's 365 Project

We've seen some great 365 projects in the past. Talented artists choose to make a piece of art in each day of the year and the result can get really awesome, like these pieces by graphic designer Jag Nagra. From super-heroes to celebrities, Jag has amazingly portrayted some great examples of pop-culture. Gotta love the simplicity and awesomeness of these. These are only a few of her pieces, so for more, you should visit Jag's personal portfolio. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

365 Days Project: The Alphabet Series

Grafikas is the non-commercial work website of Drew Europeo, that's where she keeps all the works for his 365 days projects that includes this awesome Alphabet Series. Everyday is a different style, different colors and different letters. Check it out! 365 Day Project? A 365 day project is a project where you decide to create something different for everyday of the year during the entire 365 days. Not a lot of people are able to pull it through so if you have some ideas you may stick to something simple. This type of project is great to keep your creativity going all year round. The Alphabet Series For more work, visit