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Celebrity Caricatures by Rob Snow

Celebrity Caricatures by Rob Snow

Rob Snow is an amazing illustrator who recently decided to take on caricatures. Every Sunday he releases a new caricature on a project he calls Celebrity Sunday. Enjoy it! For more from Rob Snow visit and...
Funny Hollywood Stars Caricatures

Funny Hollywood Stars Caricatures

Who doesn't love a good caricature? We've posted about this entertaining artistic approach before and are excited to share the latest work of the talented Spaniard, Alex Gallego. MAD Artist Publishing recently published...
The Batman Evolution Caricatures

The Batman Evolution Caricatures

Batman has been around for many years and caricature specialist Anthony Geoffroy decided to illustrate the evolution of our favorite super hero. Anthony is very well known for his amazing caricatures and Batman could...

Hilarious Toy Art by Caio Morel

Caio Morel is a talented Brazilian artist who can put in his toys two kinds of art: cartoon and modeling. The level of detail is simply astonishing, and now he deserves a mention here on Abduzeedo.

Great Caricatures by Jason Seiler

One thing that has always caught my attention are caricatures. They are usually super funny and if you add political value to them, you got yourself a great piece of work. This is the case of Jason Seiler's work.

Illustration Inspiration by Tony Montaño

Tony Montaño is a graphic designer and illustrator with Bachelor’s Degree from Boise State University in each field. Tony has a deep passion for working in all kinds of media; traditional, print, digital, and new media...

Fantastic Caricature Sculptures by David O’Keefe

I've always loved caricature and I really admire those artists who have this gift. It has to be a gift because they have to identify some striking characteristics of that person and then exaggerate it in order to create...
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20 Awesome Portrait Caricatures

There is nothing more artistic and fun than caricatures, I like to say that it's one of the only kind of arts that actually makes me laugh some times, I selected 20 awesome ones for your inspiration so just sit back...

Tutorial Suggestions

Over the years we have been writing tutorials about all sorts of subjects, especially Photoshop and Illustration. We want to share here with you some of our favorite ones hopping that they can help you as much as they helped us.

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