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NOT THERE Exhibition

NOT THERE Exhibition

It's always a fun pleasure to dig through an exhibition with so many artists filled with loads of talent and creativity to spare. With the title of  NOT THERE, this exhibit explore the many faces of our complex future. As I quote that: "the Modern World has become a strange place, our online profiles have become more valuable than our physical version". We've reached a new level of complexity where we just can't stay isolated anymore through our walls. Let's take a dive into this gorgeous exhibition. NOT THERE exhibition at FU Art Gallery in Little Haiti, Miami. Works from Camila Acosta, John Morr, Luis Miguel Torres, Omar Alarcón, Cristhian Ramírez & Diego L Rodríguez. Camila Acosta Cristhian Ramirez Diego L. Rodriguez       John Morr Luis Torres Omar Alarcon NOT THERE explores the many faces of a complex future, from places to individuals, focusing the attention in the digital identity. Everything outside the grid will become solitaire, empty and confuse, while in the digital world we will have multi-personalities. We’ll be adaptive ‘mutants’ transforming our identities in real time, working as data packages. The Exhibition Video     Credits Camila Acosta John Morr Luis Miguel Torres Omar Alarcón Cristhian Ramírez Diego L Rodríguez More on the exhibition via Behance.

Overdosed - Cosmosys Exhibition XIII

Overdosed - Cosmosys Exhibition XIII

The Cosmosys Art Collective is really proud to release Cosmosys XIII – Overdosed. We now show you our full and overwhelming newest artpack, 'OVERDOSED'. Our artists interpreted the state of an 'overdose' in varying ways, via the media of poetry to photography up to digital art. Our result is this new Exhibition. Enjoy! To view the entire Exhibition visit OVERDOSED. 'O' by Josue Iniguez (Dazegrafix) 'V' by Joakim Olaussen (joaking) and Daniel Tatarinow (Vexatious) 'E' by Bess 'R' by Maxime des TOUCHES 'D' by Kuldar Leement 'O' by Lucas Doerre 'S' by Moe Pike Soe 'E' by Martin Grohs 'D' by Eric Vasquez

Desktopography 2013 Wallpaper Exhibition

Desktopography 2013 Wallpaper Exhibition

Desktopography is a wallpaper exhibition that is released once a year. Every year the exhibition is more striking with artists from all over the globe creating amazing pieces of art to be displayed on your desktop. This year of 2013 no different, the exhibition is completely amazing, check it out! Visit Desktopography and check out the Facebook Page Here are just a fews pieces of the 2013 exhibition, to view the entire collection and download some wallpapers go to Desktopography. by Anthony Gargasz by Dawlaz by Abbey Esparza by Anthony Giacomino by Jono Kivex by Marek Purzycki by Adam Spizak by Josh Dykgraaf by Eremenkov Dmitriy by Krasi For more visit Desktopography and check out the Facebook Page

EvokeOne Digital Art Exhibition: Flow

EvokeOne Digital Art Exhibition: Flow

After a copious amount of preparation we are proud to present you with our 30th exhibition. Flow was interpreted as a reflection of the creative process, or "flow", that we all experience. This expanded into concepts as diverse as quantum physics, expressive portraits, spiritual beings, and fluid dynamics. For more information and images visit the exhibition page - FLOW.

ReDiscovery: An Art Show Inspired by Daft Punk

ReDiscovery: An Art Show Inspired by Daft Punk

This post is dedicated to an upcoming exhibit taking place in our backyard here in San Francisco in honor of Daft Punk and the release of their new album Random Access Memories. We first posted about the new album a couple weeks back with a tutorial on the sleek poster design. Earlier this week we did a snappy post surrounding the punk movement in line with the theme of this year's Met Gala in NYC. It just seems fitting to keep the conversation alive and we are eagerly anticipating what is sure to be a mind blowing gallery exhibit. If you're in SF, be sure to it check out. If you aren't, we've pulled together a handful of our favorite works by talented artists that were inspired by this legendary French duo. "With their modern disco sound and blend of house, funk, electronic and techno music, Daft Punk puts on one of the world’s most popular DJ performances. Their musical talent is matched only by the extraordinary visuals of their live performances. Daft Punk’s highly anticipated Random Access Memories is their fourth studio album and the first since the 2005 release of Human After All. " Gauntlet Gallery’s “ReDiscovery” debuts on May 18th with an opening night reception from 7pm to 10pm. The show will be on view until June 15th, 2013. Located at 1040 Larkin Street in San Francisco, Gauntlet Gallery’s hours are 12-7pm Tuesday through Saturday, and by appointment.

Back in Five Minutes - Type Exhibition

Back in Five Minutes - Type Exhibition

During March 2013, Salon91 Gallery celebrated design and typography with ‘Back in 5 minutes’ an exhibition featuring an award winning set of local designers, typographers and illustrators, including Ben Johnston, Clinton Campbell of Studio Muti, Clement de Bruin, Justin Southey, & Dani Loureiro. Each artist has approached the discipline of typography in a fresh & unique style, playing with scale, materials, surface quality, form, color, dimensionality & of course, words. When I saw this project on Behance I was blown away by the quality and the amount of details of some of the artworks. It's pure inspiration and now I want to try something similar to improve my rusty type skills. Video 'Back in 5 Minutes' - An Exhibition of Typography from Nicholas James on Vimeo.

Slashthree World Exhibition III

With the announcement of the Slashthree collective's partnership with DACS in a collaborative live art exhibition aimed at raising awareness and money for victims of child slavery, the collective decided to run an online exhibition alongside it. "World Exhibition III" is a unique project for the collective, as it is the first incrementally-released exhibition in Slashthree's history; the first set of artworks will release on July 2, 2012, and more will release every two weeks until the project is deemed complete. The exhibition aims to allow our artists to work freely and creatively, in a similar fashion to World Exhibitions I and II before it, and we hope it will create fantastic visual and aural experience. Artworks For more information and check out the details of each of these artworks and their designers visit:

Star Wars Identities - The Exhibition

I've been to very few exhibitions in my life, but there's some that would be worth traveling abroad just to visit, like the Star Wars Identitites Exhibition, which will open in April, in Canada. Sometimes I feel all good events happen in Canada. I'm jealous. The exhibition will debut in April 19th in Montreal and October 27th in Edmonton. Here you can check some of the mind-blowing images that will be displayed there. Some pretty awesome, creative pieces, indeed. For more of it, you must buy tickets at the official site and travel to Canada, but I'm pretty sure it's worth the price of it. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

"Episodes" Art Exhibition

After a year in the making, Designers Against Child Slavery is proud to announce the release of its second exhibition entitled, "Episodes". Over the past 12 months, artists from around the world were challenged to create pieces of art based on the journey of a sex trafficking victim. DACS categorized this journey into three episodes: Coercion, Enslavement, and Restoration. Each artist was asked to illustrate one of the three episodes. The end result was a beautiful body of work that flows in chronological order, taking you on a journey through the eyes of a trafficking victim. DACS believes that art is a very powerful form of communication. Artists down through the ages have used various forms of art to send messages to the public. So today's digital artists and Illustrators take their place in a long line of outspoken citizens of the world. Designers Against Child Slavery calls artists from all over the world to use their talents in order to give a voice to the voiceless. For more info about the exhibition visit!exhibitions Niklas Lundburg Grzegorz Domaradzki David Delin Rob Shields Nathan Walker Bram Vanhaeren Tarin Yuangtrakul Francois Leroy Alexis Marcou Francois Leroy Michal Dziekan Cris Vector Richardo Juarez Ars Thanea Mart Biemans Carole Wilmet

Depthcore New Chapter: MIRROR

The Depthcore Collective one of our favorite ones out there has just released their new chapter, the 41st themed chapter exhibition called "MIRROR". As you can expect there are amazing works from masters such as Justin Maller, Sara Blake, Mike Harrison, Jeff Huang, João Oliveira and many others. This chapter features over seventy carefully considered and meticulously executed pieces produced by a diverse selection of members from the collective. The submissions, as varied in content as they are in style, revolve around central themes of introspection, self reflection and contemplation of man and his environment, and are spread across several mediums, including music, photography, illustration and digital painting. Perspectives Exploration 01 © Sara Blake Perspectives Exploration 03 © Sara Blake Swallow © Ehren Mikeal Kallman Amo La Vita © Mike Harrison Farewell Mr.Eldritch © Matei Apostolescu Supernova © Richards Roberts Empyrean © Justin Maller I, the accuser © Matei Apostolescu Pestilence © Jeff Huang I Tweet © Phil Dunne Neo Eden © Kervin Brisseaux M?RM © Maciej Hajnrich Mirror House © João Oliveira § © Sougwen Chung For more information about Depthcore Collective visit and to see more works of the MIRROR chapter go to

Paradigm Shift - slashTHREE New Exhibition

The slashTHREE collective selected Paradigm Shift as the theme for its fifteenth exhibition to complement the massive changes it underwent along with the release, which began with a new version of its website. Version four of was not only about creating an incredible new website, but also about refining the functionality of the collective and the way it carries itself in the online art community. For more information about this new slashTHREE exhibition visit Unusual Vision By Leonardo Dentico The tale of the Lone Yor By Roy Bourkel The Blueprint By Maksimilijan Gecevic The Good Reason for our Forgetting By Rob Shields Suit Up! By Tomin Vladimir Spawn By Eduardo Lopez Mother Earth By Daria Widermanska - Spala Medusa By Przemek Nawrocki Ker-Pau! By Neil Hanvey and Jordi Vidal Heart By Irina Batkova In Searh for Apotheosis By Edmar Cisneros And Never Be Found Again By Marco Casalvieri Beynod III By Nicolas Monin-Baroille, Roy Bourkel, Jacob Bian, Ola Gilen Beatiful Decay By Anthony Giacomino, Ola Gilen Rysamb Deformación By Nicolas Monin-Baroille 01101010 By Mateusz Sypien Destroy By Adrian Romero

Voyage: New Evoke's Exhibition

Evoke is an online art, music, design, and photography collective founded in June 2005 by Justin Bristow, Sean Graham, and Ted Yavuzkurt, Evoke began as a youthful online boutique art community. As numerous talented artists and designers joined the team, Evoke expanded beyond its original realm, recruiting killer musicians and photographers. Every few months, they release themed exhibitions to the public, showcasing their abilities, the latest one is called Voyage and there are some incredible work as usual. Our 23rd artpack, VOYAGE, is meant to capture the thrill of an adventurous spirit. The feeling of escape from the normal daily grind. Leaving behind the normal and finding the joy that comes from leaving all your troubles behind. This collection of images and music will capture your imagination. Tony Rivera, our featured artist for this release has taken us to envisioned scenes from other galaxies, with impressive detail and vibrancy. James Merrill and Parker Gibson have interpreted the theme with vivid abstract work, while newcomers such as Adrián Romero have produced high quality vector work. Some Work The Black Pearl by Erik Schumacher Out Far by James Merrill In the air by Leroy François Piercings by Matteo M. 9 Destinations by Fab Rosco, Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen, and Parker Gibson Static Adventure by Parker Gibson and Rogier De Boevé Midnight Run by Tony Rivera 30.000 Leagues Under the Sea by João Oliveira ?? - Voyage by Adrián Romero Clinging to a Voyage by Chris Koch Strange... by Tyler Lehman Sonic Abberations by James Merrill 30hsh by Aengus Tukel Nocturnal Itinerary by Hamdan Teleport 01 by Fab Rosco For more information, to check ou the full exhibition, including photos, art, music and to read the interview with Tony Rivera visit you won't regret the time you will spend over there, pure inspiration.

Art Inspiration: Sara Blake Solo Exhibition in Sydney

A few months ago we featured Sara Blake, also known as ZSO, here on Abduzeedo. For those who do not know who she is, Sara is an interactive art director, designer and illustrator living in New York City. She has just resigned for her full time job at Euro RSCG to pursue her dream of art full time. So in this post we have some images from her Solo Exhibition in Sydnety. All the pieces are available for sale, and if you want to get one just visit her Web site at We here at Abduzeedo are huge fans of Sara's work and we highly recommend to check it out, we're sure you will love it! The Cock (SOLD OUT) Clown Mona Lisa Alice Puppet The Strongest Man In The World everything is connected by certain rules and quality — texture, colour, and linework. This allowed a bit of freedom to play with subject matter, and also stayed truer to how I work overall... very impulsive and freestyle, but all marked with the same hand. Gilded Owl The Aforementioned Injuries Zucco the Tiger Wind Up Toy I think most of my most valuable lessons and moments that changed the course of my life, (usually for the better), have come from big, ugly mistakes. Some photos

Horizons, Architectural Photos by Bruno Cals

Horizons, a series of architectural photographs by Brazilian photographer Bruno Cals, will be on view at 1500 Gallery from May 6-July 31, 2010. The six photographs in the exhibition are part of a personal artistic project that Cals, a well-known fashion/advertising photographer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been working on since 2008. The photographs in the Horizons series are suggestive of something beyond the record presented. The images of the buildings in São Paulo, Tokyo and Buenos Aires explore the limits of two-dimensionality, and articulate a radically different perspective on a commonplace visual scenario. In expressing this fresh point of view, Bruno Cals has invoked contrasting themes of possibility versus impossibility, presence versus emptiness, and search versus satisfaction. About Bruno Cals Bruno Cals was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1967. At age 19, Cals moved to Paris and began a successful career as a fashion model. At age 26 he decided that he wanted to be a photographer and returned to Brazil where he began shooting professionally. Initially a fashion photographer, Cals worked for Vogue and Elle and Visionaire. Since then, he has become a successful advertising photographer, working for the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. He has won several awards, including three at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. Some photos from the exhibition About 1500 Gallery Alexandre Bueno de Moraes and Andrew S. Klug founded 1500 Gallery in 2010. The gallery specializes in Brazilian photography and is the first gallery in the world with this explicit focus. 1500 interprets the notion of “Brazilian photography” to comprise photography made by Brazilian photographers, as well as images bearing a conceptual or thematic relationship to Brazil. 1500 represents the work of 17 artists, both emerging and established: 6 of 1500’s photographers are represented in the Sao Paulo Museum of Art’s Collection of Photography. 1500’s collection of images includes both contemporary and vintage photography. For more information, visit

AGE - The New Exhibition by EvokeOne

From the psychedelic abstract works of James Merril, to the energetic scenes captured by our featured artist Aaron Campbell, to the sublime photographs of Linus Leandersson, you’re in for a visual feast accompanied by the ambient soundscapes of our audio director, Keith Alban, and many other Evoke musicians. Bring the colors, bring the noise, bring on the new age! A monumental release. One full year in the making. AGE doesn’t represent merely another step down the same path; on the contrary it is an exhibit expressively characterizing the paradigm shift within the collective. All the pent up energy, the motive force behind the recent changes in our group were channeled simultaneously into one hundred of the most drop dead gorgeous works we’ve ever produced — Ted Yavuzkurt Check out more about the XXII Age Exhibition XXII by Aengus Tukel LM-N by Aengus Tukel and James Merrill Singularity by Nick Taylor and H. Dyst Winterson Fury by Yvan Feusi Age is just a number... by Berthjan Achterop Remerge by Courtney Wooster Baltimore City tap water by James Merrill Ehvolution by Aaron Campbell The Next Generation by Aaron Campbell Probabilities by Ewald Anthonie De Bruijn and Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen Spells and Experience by Fab Rosco Jess the bird by Fernando Rodríguez I wish you love by Zukow Maxim Welcome in the new age by Andrea C. Alpha & Omega by Marcin Stryczek 4.54 by Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen Age by Parker Gibson Futurisk by Rogier De Boevé We Have Never Been Modern by Rob Shields Alernate age by Leroy François Mental Age by Igor Scekic

Tim Burton retrospective at MoMA

Earlier this week I attended the press preview of the upcoming MoMA Tim Burton retrospective exhibit, which opens Sunday, 22 November 2009. The exhibit is a showcase of his work from childhood to the present. There are paintings, sketches, figurines, sculptures, photography, video, storyboards, and props from his movies. MoMA did an excellent job of encompassing all aspects of his work. I've been a fan of his since I first saw Pee Wee's Big Adventure, but it wasn't until Beetlejuice that I truly saw his genius. The exhibit was sponsored by the Syfy channel, which I enjoy as well. Here are some of my photos from the exhibit. If you're in New York City, you definitely have to check it out. It's open until April 2010. I left the exhibit very inspired and I definitely plan to see it again. Tim Burton gave some remarks at the press preview, mostly just to say thanks. I've included that, and some other footage I shot, in this little video I put together. This was shot on my Canon Powershot SX-1 IS. Here's an official video by MoMA about the exhibit.

Abduzeedo Visits The Illustrative Exhibition in Berlin Part I

Last Weekend I went to the ultimate illustrator exhibition called "Illustrative" in Berlin. Besides visiting a beautiful city - Berlin is awesome - I got to check out some really great illustrations, installations and designs. I also talked to many designers and illustrators, and representatives of their agencies. Take a sneak peak in here. Boy, what a great weekend. About Illustrative Illustrative is the self titled leading international forum for contemporary illustration and graphic arts. It takes place once year in two different cities around the globe. You may have seen it in Paris or Zürich, or in Berlin where it occured for the third time. Every year the exhibition displays an inspiring collection of current illustrative and graphical art with over 600 works from more than 60 artists. Over the course of two weeks, the festival celebrates the illustrative arts, presents new talents and trends, exchanges ideas, marvels at progressive technologies, and rediscovers forgotten styles. Illustrative features an exclusive exhibition and shows works from 60 internationally recognised illustrators in addition to hosting conferences, a film program, and parties. Illustrative displays not only the quality and fantasy of the latest graphic arts but also shows how the visual effects of graphic design, illustration, book art, comics, concept art, and animation spill into and influence the field of art. Additionally - this year - MTV joined the party presenting their art community MTV Playground. Inside an old church they came up with lots of playful stuff where people had to interact with design; like a light graffiti room, showcases with remote controls, and tables where you could design your own typograpic print. On top of that they arranged an art battle between two french artists, who in real life run a design studio called Ben & Julia. I'm going to tell you more about this in my second article about this event. First Impressions What could you pick for a better place than the St. Elisabeth Church an old grungy building to showcase a varity of illustrations. Near the exhibition The entrance really nice illustrations installations & movies showcased I dont know why but I want this lots of designs walls portfolios artist doodeling agencies promoting their artists I had a little chat with the guy working for iStockPhoto. I want to give away 10 Credits for the iStockPhoto Website with which you can buy photos, videos, illustrations and audiofiles. Thanks to them. Just retweet this article on Twitter and I pick someone in the next days @obstgemuese Stairs The Exhibition took place in a three story building. As a nice add-on effect they put prints and doodles on the walls so no walk was tiring. This was a brilliant idea and i spent a lot of time examing them closely. Brief But Valuable Insight In The Artists Illustrations Damien Poulain 'Totem 49' is a project consisting of a series of 49 hand-painted totems made of recycled wood, inspired by ancestral sculptures and religious fetishes. The project was conceived after I visited the Musée Guimet in Paris, and was impressed by the multitude of gods from oriental religions and the complex and obscure symbolism of their scultural representations. I have always been fascinated by Outsider Art and was draws to the idea working with a form that I could only understand as an outsider. Knowing little about the motivations of the creators of the works that inspired me, I have adapted their form to examine contemporary culture. My totems attempt to make solid, timeless objects from fleeting events of the 21th century, allowing for reflection on the colossal power of the image and the role of the new tribes and the mythology in an increasingly seculat society - Damien Poulain Haroshi Lorenzo Petrantoni Mario Hugo Martin Haake Yoh Nagao Paul-Henri Masson Rebecca Maeve Manley Sebastien Preschoux Sidney Pink Skinner Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for part 2 of the exhibtion.