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Flat Design Shields from FIFA World Cup

Flat Design Shields from FIFA World Cup 2014

Brazilian Designer Leandro Urban created this minimalist project to show how each country's shield would look as flat design. Check it out as we broke it down into the real groups. Enjoy! For more from Leandro Urban...
Web Design: Flat Layouts

Web Design: Flat Layouts

Lately we've seen the uprise of a design trend that is simply fantastic. Being quite simple, the flat design actually adds up to the aesthetics of websites that try to focus on content. So I've selected a few websites...
Design Trends 2013 - Flat and Minimal

Design Trends 2013 - Flat and Minimal

One of the new trends in terms of digital design, especially interface design, is the return of simple, flat and typographical design. We can say that Microsoft might have started that back in 2007 when they launched...

Tutorial Suggestions

Over the years we have been writing tutorials about all sorts of subjects, especially Photoshop and Illustration. We want to share here with you some of our favorite ones hopping that they can help you as much as they helped us.

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